This is the best wash in Lafayette by far I love that place and the people who work there is just so friendly

Dreamchaser Kennels

Went today to wash my truck. I asked the guy when we pulled in. He told me that it was still open. Pulled up to the pay booth and as I was pulling up I watched it flipto closed. They refused to allow me to pass through. I will not be going back. What a waste of time.

Scott G.

I went here for the 1st time yesterday & was very impressed. I have a lift & 35's on my truck & a lot of places I tires don't fit right on the tracks & here, I had no trouble at all. It actually cleans very well, I like the armor all on the tires it does too, & of course the free vacuuming. I will definitely be back!

Kristine H.

The workers are so efficient here when they prewash your car. They are far better than any other car wash like this in town. I go out of my way to always come here to get my car washed.

Staci T.

I brought my loved ones vehicle to get washed. They did a great job! There are even workers that pre-washed it (with brushes) before going through the wash. It was spotless clean! Then, they have stands that you can vacuum your car ( free).

Jeanene C.

I come here at least once a week. I have the unlimited wash. It always does a wonderful job and the employees that prepare you for the wash always do a great job! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dawn V.

Great car wash! Best one I've been to. Very reasonably priced for a superior wash. Free vacuum afterwards is always a good thing also.

Barbara B.

Love this wash!!! Best one in Lafayette! Staff always has a smile and are very pleasurable to deal with. Highly recommend.

Byron M.

A great new place. This is where I go all the time love it !!

T Joe Vincent

Quick way to wash our limos when we are In Between jobs

Barry B.

Great place to get your car clean. Very capable and friendly staff here.

Brandy L.

Very good car wash does a great job

Jeff P.

Fast and easy they always get the grim off!

Cindy L.

I absolutely love this place, car is always shining bright like a diamond

Jeanie L.

This car wash is the best in town. Not only does it give the best wash to my vehicle, the monthly subscription is a great deal. The employees do a great job prewashing my vehicle every time I go even when my truck was covered in love bugs. Highly recommended.

Kevin V.

The wash does a really great job. I do not care for the vacuum end attachment though. It is a wide and flat type which makes it hard to get into small spaces.

Nick V.

The best place to go!!!!

Russell W.

Best car wash in town!

Don D.

The touch less car washes are springing up everywhere in Lafayette. I've tried several and this one some reason works extremely well

Gary N.

I love the wash bay by far the best. I have a membership there wash my car as many times as I want they are the best.

Joseph C.

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